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[Parent Kit] Part 2: Home-Based Learning – Don’t Worry, Be Steady!

Dear parents,

Starting from 8 Apr 2020, we will shift to Full Home-Based Learning (HBL) till 4 May 2020. It is an important stage in our fight against COVID-19 where we need to stay home, stay safe, and help our children stay curious.

Last week’s HBL has helped all of us to be better prepared. There will be issues and challenges as we move to Full HBL, but let’s work together to overcome them.

HBL cannot fully replace physical learning in school, but it will ensure that our children will be able to progress with learning while remaining safe.

We have come through challenges before, we can do it again. Let us partner to guide our children to tide through this and emerge stronger.

This issue of Parent Kit aims to help you understand what HBL is and how you can support your children during the period of Full HBL.

We hope you find the issue useful, especially for those of you who are also working from home.

Stay home, stay safe, stay curious.

Please click on the link below to watch the video