Mission Vision
To nurture students so that they can excel in their pursuits and contribute to the society, through providing a holistic education and a dynamic learning environment
Passionate learners
Caring Leaders
Global Citizens


To nurture students so that they can excel in their pursuits and contribute to the society, through providing a holistic education and a dynamic learning environment


Passionate learners
Caring Leaders
Global Citizens


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P1 Orientation 2023

Dear Parents,

Please refer to the set of slides that was shared during the session for more information.

P1 Orientation 2023 slides

Thank you.

Celebrating Our Grands (COG)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We had a meaningful and fruitful Celebrating Our Grands campaign over the last week. The campaign is also in line with our school values on empathy and respect. During Home Period, the students were engaged in classroom discussions on showing care and appreciation to elderly family members who care for them. As a follow-up activity, the students were then encouraged to decorate and pen down their appreciation on their COG photo frames and present it to their grandparents. 
Please click the following YouTube link for the video compilation of some of the photos sent in by the parents. 
Thank you.
CCE Department
Open House – 2 July 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As part of our outreach to the community, we are organising a TKP Open House on Saturday, 2 July 2022. This Open House aims to allow the community to better understand the learning environment and the support TKP provides for our students.

Please feel free to share this information with your family and friends who might be interested to be part of the TKP family.

Please click here to register your interest.

E-Learning Day - 26 & 27 May 2022

Dear parents/guardians, please be informed that students will be having their e-learning on 26 & 27 May 2022 in line with PCTC/PTM sessions. Lesson packages will be uploaded for students to do their self-paced learning in Student Learning Space (SLS).

Please click here for P1-P3 E-Learning Day Schedule.

Please click here for P4-P6 E-Learning Day Schedule.

Donation Drive for Food From The Heart

In our Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Programme, our school strives to develop our students to be able to serve the nation and the larger community that we are part of. We want TKP to be a community of people who cares and takes action! This year, we would like to embark on the journey to start a food donation drive for Food From The Heart (FTTH).

FFTH is an independent non-profit organisation with the key mission to feed the underprivileged. In 2021, FFTH distributed $7.25 million worth of food and supported 59,500 beneficiaries. FFTH has set up her first Community Shop@ Mountbatten in early 2021. As our students are learning the values of Empathy and Gratitude in school, this serves to be a good platform for them to gain a better understanding of our community needs and encourage them to build a bond with our TKP neighbours.

FFTH relies heavily on food drives to bring in much needed non-perishable item, which they would sort, pack and distribute to more than 9,569 families from their 90 Self-Collection Centres under their Community Food Pack programme.

How can we contribute?

In general, products that are in boxes, cans, or plastic bottles and do not have to be refrigerated make processing easier for FTTH. Perishable goods are not ideal because of their short shelf life, and healthier foods are preferred as some of their beneficiaries are also coping with illnesses that require a healthier diet. Please note that the items must have a minimum date of expiry to be 3 months and beyond and they do prefer to receive Halal-certified items.

The following list includes some of the most needed and highly demanded items for the communities.

• Rice, 1kg or 2kg

• Vermicelli/bee hoon

• Biscuits, less sugar

• Malt drinks, less sugar, e.g. Milo

• Coffee or tea, less sugar

• Canned fish/meat

• Canned vegetables - especially beans, mushrooms, peas

• Canned mock meat

• Canned soup

• Canned fruit

• Evaporated/condensed milk

• Cooking oil, 500ml or 1L

• Bread spread

Please allow your child/ward to bring the donation items to school from 16 May to 20 May 2022.

We look forward to your generous support!

2022 Parents Engagement Slides

We would like to thank parents who had made time to attend the parents’ engagement sessions held virtually on  22 January, Saturday.

Please click on the link https://tanjongkatongpri.moe.edu.sg/useful-information/parents/useful-links-for-parents  for the shared slides.. 

We hope the briefing has enabled better home-school link and stronger partnership between parents and the school for the holistic development of our students. 

Letters to Parents 2022

Dear Parents, please click the subject header for our monthly newsletters for 2022.

Schoolbag article featuring Science Lessons

Please click here for more information.

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