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"Colours of Life in Katong" and "Katong through the Ages"

We are pleased to announce that TKP’s very own heritage trails, “Colours of Life in Katong” and “Katong through the Ages” have been launched. These interactive heritage trails that run on the application, PocketTrips, were designed by our very own Pri 5 and 6 student leaders and NE Ambassadors as part of the mySG Trails and Exhibitions, an SG50 project. These trails have now been integrated into the Pri 4 Social Studies curriculum. We also hope that our parents and the public can also go on these trails to gain a better understanding of the past and present of Katong as well as to play an active role in preserving the Katong heritage for the benefit of our future generations. We encourage you to play your part by tagging all photographs and videos collected on the trail on social media using the hashtag of #tkpitrail. More information can be found on the images below.