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Head of Department:

Mrs Eliza Ee

Subject Head:

Mr Hoon Thing Ming

Department Vision

Passion for Science.
Independent and Lifelong Learners.

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Department Mission

To provide a learning environment where students are exposed to experiences that stimulate their curiosity and interest as well as to develop skills and attitudes for scientific inquiry.

Department Approach

To make instructional lessons more authentic, hands-on learning activities are situated in realistic contexts so that students can make connections with their own lives and their environment. Students study the nature at work at the Science garden, and Science Centre. Science Literature reading in class develops students’ interest in Science related issues and topics, as well as understand that Science is part of everyday life.

Through the Interactive learning platforms such as group work and Google platform, opportunities for collaborative learning are provided for student to work together during experiments and Science Innovation Programme which uses the Design Thinking Framework.

Inquiry-based Learning that involves the use of 5E Approach, MTV routines, Sci Talk and answering techniques like LINK, CER, OIC and FIR during Science lessons help to develop independent and critical thinking in our students.

Key Programmes / Activities / Events

Learn for Life

Through the P3 to P5 Science Innovation Programme, students will apply their scientific knowledge, process skills and use Design Thinking to take part in the scientific process of problem solving, investigation and decision-making.

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They learn to create innovative solutions to prototype and test

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Students also develop scientific attitudes like creativity, perseverance and open-mindedness

Embrace all Learners

Authentic learning experiences are provided for students to explore, discover and experience science in everyday life and deepen concept learning. P5 to P6 students embark on the following Science Field Trips:

P5: Diversity of Cells Practical Lab Work @ Science Centre
Students will use the microscope to identify micro-organisms and cells, and prepare sample slides using simple staining methods

P6: Aquatic Animals and Plants Hands-on Activity @ Science Centre
Students will be taught field techniques to catch and observe a variety of aquatic organisms in a pond community using a microscope. They will learn about relationships between organisms in a food web

Enhance student well-being

The Environmental Education aims to raise awareness in the school community on how to care for our natural environment and help students learn to be responsible citizens through various activities such as:
  • Earth Week and Water Week,
  • School Talks
  • Weekly Recycling

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