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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Department Head:

Miss Serene Ng

PAL Co-ordinator:

Miss Seah Wen Hui

Department Vision

A Community of Individuals with a Love for Active Lifestyle and the Arts.

Department Mission

Develop learners to be healthy and competent movers, with an appreciation of the outdoors so as to enjoy lifelong healthy and active living.

Department Approach

What is PAL?

The Programme for Active Learning (PAL) is a MOE recommendation that started since 2009. PAL aims to provide a greater emphasis in non-academic programmes for all Primary 1 and 2 students, through the exposure to varied and fun learning experiences in the four domains: Sports and Games, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. Students also learn socio-emotional competencies such as respecting others and responsible decision making. PAL nurtures confidence, curiosity and cooperation skills in students.

PAL lessons are also time for students and teachers to foster deeper Teacher-Students Relations (TSR). This is done so through the effective facilitation on sharing of feelings and discussions on Self-awareness, Relationship-Management.

In order to attain the desired outcomes of PAL, PAL lessons are designed with the following characteristics:
  • Experiential
  • Fun and enjoyable
  • Encompass learning in a creative way
  • Provide opportunities for children to create
  • Incorporate values education and social emotional learning

How does PAL look like in Tanjong Katong Primary?

In Tanjong Katong Primary, PAL is conducted within curriculum time on Thursdays for Primary 1 and Fridays for Primary 2. The lessons consist of activities in all four domains and are different every term.

An Overview of PAL modules at Tanjong Katong Primary School

PAL Domain Sports & Games Outdoor Education Visual Arts Performing Arts
Primary One Adventures under the Sea
Fundamental skills and games creation
Going on a school trip!
Preparing for an outdoor journey
Imagination Alive!
Imaginative exploration of art materials
PAL Drama!
Perspective taking through role-playing
Primary Two Olympics and Paralympics!
Fundamental movements skills and game creation
What is in My Garden?
Appreciating nature
Around the World!
Making Art Pieces representative of the countries
Code my Story!
Expressing perspective and emotion through coding

Key Programmes / Activities / Events

PAL Sports and Games – “Keeping the big ball in the air is not as easy as we thought!”
PAL Visual Art – “Our Art work is nice because everyone had a part in it!”
PAL Outdoor Education – “I spy with my little eyes and I can see so many birds and plants around us!”
PAL Drama – “Guess what I am thinking of?”