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Art & Music

Head of Department:

Ms Serene Ng

Subject Head:

Ms Jasmine Eng (Aesthetics - Internal)

Department Vision

A Community of Individuals with a Love for Active Lifestyle and the Arts.

Department Mission

To nurture cultured students who are lifelong learners in the appreciation of Art and Music, through providing a vibrant environment.

Department Approach

Through programmes and activities for the masses, keen, talented.

TKP Art and Music curriculum is guided by the following broad themes:

WSA – Teaching & Learning of Art
  • Art Talk through Let’s Talk About Art
  • Thinking Routines from Harvard’s Project Zero
  • Self-discovery through Inquiry-based learning

WSA – Teaching & Learning of Music
  • E – Experience
  • C – Concept
  • A – Application
  • With elements of Orff, Kodály and Dalcroze approaches

Key Programs / Activities / Events

Learn for Life

Character and Citizenship education is infused in our Aesthetics curriculum, especially when students are taught about global and local cultures. The learning of local artworks and artists strengthens the understanding of the individual’s national identity by fostering the appreciation of one’s cultural heritage. Music, being an integral part of many cultures, also provides a means to raise global awareness amongst students. The art and music classroom is a natural platform to nurture core values, develop social and emotional competencies, as well as many 21st Century Competencies, which will better prepare our students to thrive in a fast-changing and highly-connected world.

Museum-based Learning

The trip aims to provide students with an authentic learning experience. Students will be engaged in activities and discussions focussing on visual inquiry skills and art appreciation of local and international artists.

3.jpg 4.jpg

Digital Art and Music

To provide students with a holistic experience in the learning of Art, students will be introduced to harnessing technology to create art. They will use Photoshop as a tool to create posters and in the process, acquire skills to crop, fill and merge images together digitally. During music lessons, students will also be introduced to the know-hows of GarageBand and use smart instruments to create originals.

5.jpg 6.jpg
Students working on Photoshop during art lessons

7.jpg 8.jpg
Students working on iPad GarageBand.

Instrumental Skills

At the end of 6 years in TKP, students would have had opportunities to pick up various classroom percussion instruments, as well as the recorder, ukulele and cajon.

9.jpg 10.jpg
Primary 5 students on World Percussions

11.jpg 12.jpg
Primary 6 students on the cajon


Assessment is integral to the teaching and learning process. Art and Music assessments take on a formative role and are carried out regularly to provide students with information about their strengths and to help them bridge learning gaps. Students submit termly art pieces for feedback. Music assessments take on a variety of ways such as aural, theory and practical formats.

Embrace all Learners

We believe that all children are musical and have the innate ability to listen, sing, dance, play and express themselves musically. We recognise students’ talents in the Arts by providing platforms to showcase their abilities.

TK Spotlight!

This event is held annually to develop excellence in the Aesthetics as well as to promote the appreciation of the Arts amongst students. Students pit their talents against each other in categories such as Art, Instrumental, Pop Voice and Dance.

13.jpgTK Spotlight! 2018 Finalists
14.jpgTK Spotlight! 2019 Finalists
15.jpgTK Spotlight! 2020 Junior Finalists
TK Spotlight! 2020 Senior Finalists

TK Buskers

With this opportunity to showcase their interests and talents in the Arts in a non-threatening and casual manner, students put up performances for their peers during recesses.


National Day Banner

In a bid to spread good cheer and national spirit in the community, students design banners with the year’s National Day theme in mind. Selected banners are hung around the neighbourhood in the days leading up to our nation’s birthday.

18.jpg 19.jpg

Enhance student well-being

The Aesthetics have the ability to develop extra-musical skills, including critical thinking skills, psychomotor skills, social awareness, and moral and cultural values, all of which contribute to the holistic development of a child.