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Mother Tongue

Head of Department:

Mr Tan Boon Tiong

Subject Head:

Mdm Ho Siew Min (SH CL)

Mdm Arlinah Arsad (SH ML)

Senior Teacher:

Ms Law Kim Hwee (ST CL)
Mdm Magayshvari Krishnasamy (ST TL)

Department Vision:

Passionate and self-driven learners of Mother Tongue language and Culture

The pictorial framework represents the philosophy of teaching of the Mother Tongue languages in Tanjong Katong Primary.

The heart represents the love and passion in learning the Mother Tongue language, which includes culture, values and attitude. In order to develop this love and passion to achieve the MT vision and mission, students need to be immersed in a conducive learning environment. The purple house frame depicts the desired learning environment which is enriching, fun and supportive.

To achieve this, both parents and teachers need to work together hand in hand.

Department Mission:

To ignite passion in pursuit of excellence in the teaching and learning of the Mother Tongue language and culture, shaping attitudes and values

Department Approach

In line with our mission and vision, we aim to equip our students with a strong foundation in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for effective communication and an enjoyable Mother Tongue language learning experience. The following strategies are adopted by the Mother Tongue department in our teaching and learning:

  1. 3I Approach – Instruction, Interaction and Inquiry
  2. MTV Routines
  3. ICT Integration

Key Programmes / Activities / Events

In line with our teaching philosophy and to achieve our MT vision and mission, these are the key programmes of the MT Department:

  1. Events
  • CNY
  • Hari Raya
  • Deepavali
  • Mother Tongue Fortnight

  1. Department activities/ LJs
  • P1/P2/P3 LJs
  • P3/P4 Cultural Camp
  • P5 Overseas Immersion
  • Interclass competitions
  • MT Speech and Drama Programme (P1 and P2)
  • High-Ability (HA) Enrichment Programme for P5 and P6

Learn For Life

In TKP, we incorporate digital learning in our department curriculum to cultivate digital literacy in our students. We also infuse character citizenship in order to instil values through our curriculum.

CNY Celebration

CNY Celebration is a yearly affair to usher in the New Year in accordance to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The celebration would consist of a concert and classroom activities. Through the concert, students would acquire interesting knowledge about the festival, and selected students would also be able to showcase their talents through the concert. There would also be classroom activities related to the festival to engage the students. Students are encouraged to wear red that day to create the festive mood.

P4 Cultural Day Camp

Opportunities are created for our Primary 4 pupils to learn more about our Chinese Culture through a 2-day Cultural Immersion Programme. Pupils will get to visit the "Chinatown Heritage Centre", "Thian Hock Keng Temple" and some shop houses situated along the streets of Chinatown. They would also be introduced to Teochew Opera, Traditional Chinese Medicine, famous novels like "Journey to the West", singing of nursery rhymes in the different dialects etc. All these activities help to arouse interest in the learning of the Chinese Culture.

P5 Beijing Overseas Immersion

P5 Beijing Overseas Immersion takes place towards the end of term 3. A group of selected P5HCL students would be accompanied by Chinese Language teachers for a 5 day immersion trip. They will visit local schools to interact with the local students and to some places of interest. This is a great opportunity for authentic learning to take place as the students would be immersed in a Chinese speaking environment.

Mother Tongue Fortnight

The Mother Tongue Language Fortnight usually takes place in term 1. A variety of activities were organized with the objective in creating an immersive environment for learning and appreciating Mother Tongue language and culture. Language activities such as role-play, signage design and poster design aim to provide pupils with opportunities to use their Mother Tongue Language. Cultural activities such as clay sculpture, Chinese chess and Wushu exposed the pupils to various aspects of their traditional culture.

Interclass competitions

Across the different levels, there would be interclass competitions such as singing, writing etc. This is to provide a platform for healthy competition, as well as arouse learning interest through the participation of the various activities.


P3 & P4