Head of Department:

Mr Sundram Letchemee

Department Vision:

  1. An IT-enriched teaching and learning environment
  2. A community of IT-savvy and passionate learners

Department Mission:

  1. To integrate the use of IT in curriculum, instruction and assessment
  2. To involve students in IT activities that promote higher-order thinking skills and collaboration
  3. To build capacity of staff in the effective use of IT tools for teaching and learning
  4. To provide IT support to various departments to improve work processes and efficiency

ICT in Education – Masterplan 4

“Deepening Learning, Sharpening Practices”


  1. Deepen student’s learning with quality ICT-enabled learning and design.
  2. Sharpen the use of ICT in teaching and learning practices.
  3. Strengthen the focus on Cyber Wellness and New Media Literacies.

Student Outcomes

  1. Students will be responsible ICT users
  2. Students will be able to learn independently and collaboratively with the support of ICT


  1. Students will be provided with quality learning experiences supported by ICT
  2. Students will be provided with quality instruction
  3. Students will be exposed to ICT hardware and software

Key Programmes / Activities / Events

MOE ICT Curriculum Framework

In Tanjong Katong Primary School, we believe all students and staff play an active role in their individual learning with the seamless use of ICT skills and technology.

With sound values, we strongly believe that they can excel in their educational and self-development in an ICT enriched learning environment.

We hope to provide opportunities for our students to be joyful and responsible digital learners through a range of quality learning experiences with technology.

Our school’s ICT literacy programme is built on MOE’s standards of new media literacy and includes the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that students should apply and demonstrate when harnessing ICT for learning and interacting. The new ICT baseline standards are: curating digital content; connecting and communicating digitally; and creating digital multimodal products.

Diagram: ICT baseline Framework

Department’s ICT Strategy

With the introduction of the Student Learning Space (SLS), learning with technology in Tanjong Katong Primary School is guided by the SLS Pedagogical Scaffold which enables teachers to design technology-enabled learning experiences to enhance students’ learning.

In designing learning with technology, teachers consider the following student-centric active learning process while planning a technology-enabled lesson:

Activate Learning

  • How will students’ focus and interest be oriented towards the learning objectives?

Promote Thinking and Discussion

  • How will students think about ideas and concepts?
  • What skills and processes will students perform?
  • How will students build on their current understanding?

Facilitate Demonstration of Learning

  • How will students demonstrate their understanding and new learning?

Monitor and Provide Feedback

  • How can students’ learning be advanced?

Tanjong Katong Primary School’s IT Roadmap

All students will undergo an IT training programme to equip them with IT skills that help to enhance their learning.

Diagram: IT Training Programme

Useful Links:

  1. Digital Skills and Education: Singapore's ICT Master Planning for the School Sector
    1. https://repository.nie.edu.sg/bitstream/10497/15602/4/BC-DSE-2008-167.pdf
  2. Student Learning Space [SLS]
    1. https://vle.learning.moe.edu.sg/login