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Citizenship Education

Citizenship Dispositions

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Key Programmes

  1. National Education Commemorative Events
Our commemorative days are linked to important points in Singapore’s history.

a) Total Defence Day (15 February)
During TDD, our pupils reflect on how Total Defence remains our best all-round response to threats and challenges (e.g. terrorism, pandemics, cyber attacks etc.) The TDD activities aim to encourage the pupils to play a greater role in Total Defence by showing them what they can do to contribute in big and small ways.

TDD_1.jpg TDD_2.jpg

b) International Friendship Day (in April)
As a member of a global community of nations, we continue to leverage on Singapore’s geo-strategic position for economic growth as well as social and cultural cooperation, particularly with our ASEAN neighbours. Therefore, our IFD programme is designed to develop a better understanding of the people and cultures of countries in our region.

IFD_1.jpg IFD_2.jpg
IFD_3.jpg IFD_4.jpg

c) Racial Harmony Day (21 July)
RHD marks the anniversary of the 1964 racial riots. Our pupils commemorate RHD to celebrate Singapore as a harmonious society built on a rich diversity of cultures.

RHD_1.jpg RHD_2.jpg

d) National Day (9 August)
National Day marks our separation from Malaysia in 1965, and our emergence as an independent country in a community of nations. Each year, we commemorate National Day by holding an observance ceremony for students to have a greater sense of the historical importance and solemnity of National Day.

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  1. Infusion of National Education / Contemporary Issues in Subjects
While National Education is more commonly associated with Social Studies English and Mother Tongue, the students discuss contemporary issues across multiple subject areas which includes a more multi-dimensional and lively narrative.

  1. NE Ambassadors
During our morning flag-raising ceremony, NE Ambassadors lead the pledge in the respective classrooms. This helps to reinforce our shared value as a nation. Our NE Ambassadors also attend training and play an active role in our NE and community events. They are also trained as docents for our community trails.

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  1. Community Partnerships
-    Banners around Tanjong Katong
Our students are involved in the designing of community banners around the neighbourhood to raise awareness on social and environmental issues such as the Zika virus, Covid-19 and Stronger Together.

Banners around Tanjong Katong_1.png Banners around Tanjong Katong_2.png

- Arts Performances @ Community Events

- Heritage Trails for New Citizens in Mountbatten

  1. Overseas Cultural Immersion Programme (Surabaya and Beijing)
Our NE Ambassadors are appointed as buddies to our overseas guests from Elyon Christian School (Surabaya) and Da Chang Happy School (Beijing).

Surabaya and Beijing_1.png Surabaya and Beijing_2.png

In 2019, as part of our overseas cultural programme, our NE Ambassadors also went to Beijing to learn more about China’s rich history and culture.

Surabaya and Beijing_3.png Surabaya and Beijing_4.png

  1. P5 NE Show

P5 NE Show_1.png P5 NE Show_2.png

  1. Home Period/ Assembly Show

Home Period_Assembly Show.jpg

  1. Heritage Programme

Heritage Programme_1.jpg
Katong Heritage i-Trail at Masjid Khalid

Heritage Programme_2.jpg
Students learning about the old trades in Singapore