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Teacher IC:

Mr Kamarulzaman Bin Kamsani

CCA Teachers:

Mr Mohamed Faizal S/O Abdul Salam, Miss Sumitha S,

Mdm Rohaya Bte Mohamad, Miss Phang Shiak Chien, Mdm Isliana Bte Mohamad

The Junior Team, which consists of mainly of Primary 5 players, will be taught pre competition routines which include warm-up, stretching exercise which would aid in their performance. The players will be exposed to various formation, offensive and defensive strategies and skills. Most importantly, the players will learn to enjoy the game by showing TKP sportsmanship spirit in upholding the TK Pr2ide like respecting teammates and opponents and persevering in the midst of difficult situations.

For Seniors, players will continue to work on the previous strategies and skills with a greater emphases on individual skills and its relation to their teammates. They will learn about the positioning and the different tactics to counter the opponent’s gameplay. In addition, through case studies and different scenarios, they will have many opportunities to discuss about court awareness as a team and work out the best strategies which would aid them during competition and help them on their games. It is envisioned that this will foster greater team camaraderie as players will have to work together in order to play the game effectively. The portion of the training will actively emphasis on the value of teamwork and the importance of communicating with each other.

The Developmental and Recreational Team will be taught fundamental skills and basic concepts of the game which gives them to room to develop and grow at their own pace. As their game improves, the players from the Developmental Team will be invited to join the Junior Team.

Our coaches and teachers will be there for our players guiding them through training and ensuring that the players are able to train in a safe and nurturing environment.


  1. To equip the students with skills and knowledge
  2. To introduce various activities that would help enhance their skills as Floorball players
  3. To cater to different needs of players through different learning opportunities
  4. To develop students passion in the activity
  5. To enable students to learn values of teamwork

CCA Schedule / Venue:

Tuesday (Senior, Junior and Developmental Team)
Friday (Senior, Junior and Recreational Team)/ Indoor Sports Hall (ISH)/ A03-12