Head of Department:

Ms Serene Ng

Subject Head:

Mr Mohamed Faizal

Department Vision

L.E.A.P – Learn. Engage. Appreciate. Play

Department Mission

To allow students to discover their interests and talents as they develop into well-rounded individuals instilled with values of leadership, discipline and team spirit

Department Approach

Exposure and development of talent are the two main driving forces behind Tanjong Katong Primary School’s CCA programme. CCAs are conducted throughout the year, either once or twice a week depending on the needs and rigour of the CCA. Hence, a year-long commitment is required from the students in order for them to develop their potential in their chosen CCA.

Where talent development is concerned, the Sports Pursuit Programme, a component of our Learning for Life Programme (LLP), ensures that students with the potential are identified through Talent Identification Programmes (TIP) and channeled into the four main team sports – Football, Netball, Hockey and Floorball. Likewise, TIP is also conducted for the performing arts CCAs and students with the potential are given the opportunity to join the CCA at an early stage. The early identification of such students and the specialized training programme allows for them to be better prepared for their Zonal and National competitions, as well as the biennial Singapore Youth Festival

Time and again, the students in the school’s CCAs have done themselves and the school proud by achieving numerous awards in inter-school competitions. Apart from such achievements, the school is even more proud of the effort that these students have put in and the individuals they turn out to be. Many have certainly embodied the school values in their quest to develop themselves in their chosen fields.

Ultimately, the category and exact CCA that a student opts for is up to the individual student and their parents. As far as possible, the school will try to accommodate every students’ choice of CCA.