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Edusave Character Award


1. The nominee is a Singapore citizen.

2. The nominee is a Primary 5 or 6 Student.

3. The nominee is a role model in his / her conduct (behaviours and actions) and attitude.

4. The nominee must have demonstrated good character and values in a consistent manner. 

Students may be identified for the following types of qualities:

(a) Qualities associated with our school values (Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Self-discipline, Compassion, Perseverance or Excellence); and/or

 Value Definition
 Respect Treating others like one would like to be treated.
 Responsibility Knowing and doing what is expected.
 Integrity Having moral courage to stand up for what is right.
 Self-Discipline Exercising control of oneself. 
 Compassion Showing concern and love for others. 
 Perseverance Staying the course, no matter the difficulties or obstacles faced. 
 Excellence Putting in one’s best. 

(b) Demonstrated a high level of civic responsibility: Students must have demonstrated concerns about issues related to their community or issues faced by others. They could have initiated simple action or played an active role to address these issues and demonstrate commitment to making a difference; and/or

(c) Qualities associated with resilience: Students who have persevered despite facing difficult circumstances (e.g. financial problems, health issues, family issues, peer resistance etc) and have managed to overcome the odds. 

Nomination process starts in July and ends in mid August yearly. Nomination form will be made available on this site in July and August.