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Head of Department (HOD): Eliza Ee (Mrs)
Level Head (LH): Low Mei Yan (Miss)
Senior Teachers (ST): Aileen Tam and Mrs Ella Ong Mrs)


Passion for Science. 
Independent and Lifelong Learners.


To provide a learning environment where students are exposed to experiences that stimulate their curiosity and interest as well as to develop skills and attitudes for scientific inquiry.


At TKPS, we aim to provide students with experiences and opportunities to develop skills, habits of mind and attitudes necessary for scientific inquiry. Scientific inquiry is defined as the activities and processes which scientists and students engage in to study the natural and physical world around us. 

Science Framework Diagram


Innovation Week

To provide a platform for pupils to apply their scientific knowledge and take part in scientific processes of problem-solving and decision making. Through this platform, they also develop scientific attitudes like creativity and curiosity.

•          P3 - Designing a Toy Sail Boat using Recyclable Materials

•          P4 - Making an Ice Cream Box

•          P5 - Creating a Useful Product using Electrical Components

Innovation Week - Photo 1

Innovation Week - Photo 2

Environmental Education 

To raise awareness in the school community on how to care for our natural environment and help pupils learn to be responsible citizens through various activities such as: 

             Earth Week Activities 

             School Talks 

             Weekly Recycling 

Environmental Education - Photo 1

Environmental Education - Photo 2

Science Field Trip

To provide opportunities for students to explore, discover and experience Science outside school as well as to deepen concept learning.

             P3 - Gardens by The Bay

                            P4 - Visit to Hydroponics Garden & Butterfly Tour

                            P5 - Science Centre Diversity of Cells Workshop

                            P6 - Science Centre Eco Garden 

Science Field Trip - Photo 1
Science Field Trip - Photo 2





The pupils will be assessed on their process skills and conceptual knowledge in one practical test. During lab activities and group work, pupils are given opportunities to use concepts and integrate process skills to inquire about things and phenomena around them.


The process skills to be tested during the practical test include:


                       Using apparatus and skills










2014 Primary Science Syllabus (Ministry of Education)  




Practicing Science Process Skills at Home



National Geographic Kids