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Tamil (English Version)

Senior Teacher Magayshvari d/o Krishnasamy (Mdm)
TeacerS. Sumitha (Ms)


Daily Reading Programme (P1 to P6)

Reading is an integral part of our strategy. Students taking Tamil Language read their mother tongue books, every morning for 15 mins.  This reading is internalized by the students when they are selected to share with their class on their readings. In this way, the students read for understanding and would be able to use the vocabulary learnt in their compositions. 

TL Reading Programme - Photo 01 TL Reading Programme - Photo 02

The Mother Tongue Fortnight (P1 to P6)

The objective of MT Fortnight is to introduce and deepen the pupils’ knowledge on the various Indian Traditional Art Forms. The activities were conducted for 2 weeks. During week 1 an experienced vendor was engaged to conduct the workshops and in week 2 the pupils had class activities in-comporting the skills learnt from week 1.  

Class    The Indian Traditional Art Form which the Vendor IntroducedClassroom activities facilitated by the Teachers
Primary 1
Primary 2
Kummi Aattam and Kolaattam
Pupils were guided to come up with steps for a new Kummi Aattam and Kolaattam music.
Primary 3
Primary 4
Kattai KoothuFace masks which depicts the expression are a vital part of Kattai Koothu. The pupils decorated their masks and even painted them
 Primary 5
Primary 6
Gramiya Carnataga Sinthu The pupils worked in groups and came up with themes. They formed sentences and infused the Gramiya Carnataga Sinthu tune and presented the song. 

Overall, during MT Fortnight pupils were not only encouraged to speak more of spoken Tamil, they also worked as a team to learn about the Indian Traditional art Forms. They also effectively applied the skills learnt. These activities were not only meaningful but were also an unforgettable learning experience for the pupils.

TL Activities Photos

Tamil Learning Journeys [ P1 To P3 ]

Learning journey is an experimental learning beyond classroom learning. It gives them an opportunity to explore. Not only explore, but it provides them with real life experience. Learning Journey helps the teacher and the pupils to embark together to expand and enrich educational experience. Post-learning assessment is conducted after the trip.

Post-learning Assessment
Primary 1
Little India 
Post Reflection,
Mini group projects
Primary 2
Little India
Post Reflection,
Mini group projects
Primary 3
Indian Heritage Centre Post Reflection,
Graded Performance Based Assesment 

P1-P3 LJ - Photo 01P1-P3 LJ - Photo 02

P1-P3 LJ - Photo 03
P1-P3 LJ - Photo 04

P1-P3 LJ - Photo 05P1-P3 LJ - Photo 06

Speech and Drama (P1 and P2)

The Mother Tongue Department conducts Speech and Drama yearly in Term 3 with the help of a vendor. The objective of the programme is to boost pupil’s interest in Tamil language learning and also to build their self confidence in speaking skills. At the end of the programme pupils will showcase their performance and parents will be invited to witness their children’s talents.  At the end of the programme pupils will have their performance videoed and cut into CDs. Each pupil will be given a CD for their parents to view their performance