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Malay (English Version)

Malay Language Department

Subject Head:  Arlinah Arsad (Mdm) (Malay Language)


Speech and Drama Programme (P1 and P2)

Lower primary students are given the opportunity to learn the language and increase their self-confidence through drama. This is a fun and effective learning platform. 

Students are exposed to different aspects of oratorical skills so that they are more confident performing and presenting to an audience. This step is taken to encourage the students to use of the language and instil self-belief in them. 

At the end of the program, students will perform and apply what had been learnt in their performance. Singing and acting will be incorporated in the performance. Parents and guardians will be invited to watch the performance. 

Darjah 1 Speech & Drama 2015


Darjah 2 Speech & Drama 2015

Learning Journeys (P1 to P3)

In line with the Malay curriculum and to provide an authentic learning experience for pupils, Tanjong Katong Primary School has been organizing learning journeys for them since 2010. 

During the journey, pupils will complete an activity booklet and upon returning to school, they will be given time to prepare for an oral presentation on what they have experienced during the learning journey. Here are the list of places the students visited: 

P1-P3 LJ - Photo 01


P1-P3 LJ - Photo 02

P1-P3 LJ - Photo 03

Mother Tongue Fortnight (P1 to P6) 

To create an immersive environment for the learning of Mother Tongue, MOE announced that schools will designate 2 consecutive weeks each year for Mother Tongue Fortnight. This two-week programme aims to encourage our pupils to use their Mother Tongue and appreciate its culture. During the MTL Fortnights, a wide-range of outside-class MTL activities will be provided to enable pupils to learn and use MTL in an exciting way. 

P1-P6 MT Fortnight - Photo 01

P1-P6 MT Fortnight - Photo 02


P1-P6 MT Fortnight - Photo 03