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Chinese (English Version)



Miss Law Kim Hwee

Mrs Tay Mei Leng 
Mdm Tan Hoon Hoon 
Mdm Lim Pei Yee
Mdm Huang Cong
Mrs Koh Tze-Han
Miss Lee Hui Jun
Miss Phang Shiak Chien
Miss Ren Yanjie
Miss Tan Huan Xuan Tiffany
Mdm Goh Ying Shan 
Miss Tong Siew Poh
Mdm Tan Mui Seok 
Miss Yang Xiting Sherry
Miss Ng Li Hoon
MIss Serene Chua Meng Hwei
Miss Meng Yuqi


Daily Reading Programme (P1 to P6)

Children love to listen to stories. For 15 minutes every day, Chinese teachers will read aloud to the pupils. For higher ability pupils, pupils will conduct independent reading sessions. The objective of the programme is to develop students’ love for reading, while exposing them to the language. 

CL Reading Programme - Photo 1CL Reading Programme - Photo 2

Chinese Learning Journeys [ P1 To P3 ]

P1 to P3 Chinese students will go for a learning journey trip every year. The trip aims to provide an authentic learning experience for P1 to P3 students. The content of the trip is in line with the Chinese curriculum. During the learning journey, the students will complete an activity booklet. After the trip, a post-trip assessment will be conducted.  

Post-learning Assessment
Health Promotion Board
and Presentation
Farmart Centre
Dialogue and Presentation
Jurong Bird Park

P1 Learning Journey to Heath Promotion Board

P1 CL Activity - Photo 01P1 CL Activity - Photo 02P1 CL Activity - Photo 03

P2 Learning Journey to Farmart Centre

P2 CL Activity - Photo 01P2 CL Activity - Photo 02P2 CL Activity - Photo 03

P3 Learning Journey to Jurong Bird Park

P3 CL Activity - Photo 01P3 CL Activity - Photo 02

Chinese Speech and Drama (P1 P2)

The Chinese Speech and Drama lessons are conducted for 10 sessions during curriculum time. The lesson complements with what they are learning in the Chinese curriculum. The objective of the programme is to build up the students’ ability to speak with confidence in Chinese and bring out their desire to communicate in Mandarin 

P1P2 CL Activity - Photo 01P1P2 CL Activity - Photo 02

Learning Writing Skills through Modeling (P3 and P4 School Based Curriculum)

Writing skills are break down into bite-size learning points. Each learning point is supported with activities and models how to use the skills through examples or model essays. The students are expected to use the writing skills in subsequent composition. They will conduct self or peer assessment on their ability to use the skills using a checklist. 

P3P4 CL Writing  - Photo 01P3P4 CL Writing  - Photo 02

Chinese Scholar Class ( P3 to P6

Our school has started Chinese Scholar Class, with the goal of bringing our pupils’ Chinese literacy level to a new height and allowing them to understand more about the Chinese history and culture. Our school will offer Chinese Scholar Class to pupils with high ability in the language starting from Primary 3. 
The programme for Chinese Scholar Class includes exposure to the following: 
P3: Speech & Drama cum Creative Writing, Calligraphy and Chinese Painting 
P4: Comic Drawing cum Creative Writing, Bean Art, Seal Carving and Chinese Chess 
P5: Little Reporters cum Translation, Chinese Opera and “GO” game 
P6: Crosstalk

P3-P6 Activity - Photo 01P3-P6 Activity - Photo 02
P3-P6 Activity - Photo 03P3-P6 Activity - Photo 04
P3-P6 Activity - Photo 05P3-P6 Activity - Photo 06
P3-P6 Activity - Photo 07

Taiwan Immersion Trip (Selected P5 Scholar Class Students)

Since 2007, we have been collaborating with Zhi Qing Elementary School to organize immersion programme for our pupils. We would like our pupils to be immersed in an environment where Mandarin is the dominant language so as to enhance their Chinese oral and listening skills. Pupils will have a chance to visit Taiwan and study in Zhi Qing Elementary for about a week. 

Pupils who are involved in this trip will post their reflections on the following blog: http://www.tkptaiwanimmersion.blogspot.com/

P5 Taiwan Trip - Photo 01P5 Taiwan Trip - Photo 02
P5 Taiwan Trip - Photo 03P5 Taiwan Trip - Photo 04

Chinese Parent Workshop (P1 and P2)
With the spirit of working in collaboration with parents, Tanjong Katong Primary School conducts a Chinese workshop yearly for parents with the aim of helping them understand the different components of comprehension as well as learn basic strategies so that they can help their child at home. 

Teachers in Tanjong Katong Primary School share their experience of teaching comprehension skills as well as provide suggestions on the use of character cards to parents in order for them to engage their child effectively in learning at home. 

P1P2 Parents CL Workshop - Photo 01P1P2 Parents CL Workshop - Photo 02P1P2 Parents CL Workshop - Photo 03