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Department Head :Sundram Letchemee (Mr)
Subject Head ICT : Hoon Thing Ming (Mr)


An IT-enriched teaching and learning environment

A community of IT-savvy and passionate learners


    • To integrate the use of IT in curriculum, instruction and assessment
    • To involve students in IT activities that promote higher-order thinking skills and collaboration
    • To build capacity of staff in the effective use of IT tools for teaching and learning
    • To provide IT support to various departments to improve work processes and efficiency

IT Roadmap

All students will undergo an IT training programme to equip them with IT skills that help to enhance their learning. 

IT Roadmap Diagram


Every pupils in Tanjong Katong Primary School will have an account with Ask N Learn. This allows them to conduct self-directed and collaborative learning.

For more information on Ask N Learn, please click the following link: http://lms.asknlearn.com/TKPS


Department Head: Sundram Letchemee (Mr)

Subject Head ICT: Hoon Thing Ming (Mr)