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Student Leadership@TKP

The Student Leadership programme in TKP aims to develop leadership competencies in all TKP students. 

As part of our vision of ‘Passionate Learners, Caring Leaders, Global Citizens’, we aim to nurture ethical and effective leaders through two tenets of ‘Equip’ and ‘Practice’. 

3 Key Beliefs

Our 3 Key Beliefs that guide the Student Leadership Development: 
Every Student can be developed as a Leader 
Every Student should be developed as a Leader. 
Student Leadership Development needs to be intentional. 

5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership 

The Student Leadership competencies that we instil in our student leaders are adapted from  Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner’s 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership: 

a) Model the Way – set examples for others to follow
b) Inspire a Shared Vision – being visionary and inspire others to see exciting possibilities for the future. 
c) Challenge the process – continuously search for innovative solutions to improve. 
d) Enable others to act – to encourage teamwork 
e) Encourage the heart – recognise contributions of each team member and celebrate accomplishments.

3-Tiered Approach

The Student Leadership structure in TKP is 3-tiered. 

1. The first tier refers to the Class Committees. Students take up class leadership positions where they focus on ‘Self Leadership’. 

2. The second tier refers to the CCA Leaders and NE Ambassadors. We aim to instil ‘Team Leadership’ as they focus on working in teams and learn to complement one another’s style. They will also be developed in terms of managing conflicts and work towards a common goal. 

3. The third tier refers to the Student Leaders Council. We aim to instil ‘Thought Leadership’ and enhance ‘Team Leadership’. Through various leadership platforms, we aim to develop in them self-motivation and inspiring others to lead the way. 

Student Leadership in TKP

TKP Vision

Key Beliefs Guiding Student Leadership Development

3 Tiered Student Leadership Structure

Equip and Practice

The Student Leadership programmes are intentionally planned with the two tenets of ‘Equip’ and ‘Practice’ in mind.


Every TKP student is given an opportunity to be a leader. Training sessions are provided for the respective roles in order to equip them with the necessary technical skills and values to prepare them for their duties and responsibilities.


Platforms are provided for them in class, CCA, school events or beyond school for the students to exemplify their leadership skills. These platforms are planned intentionally for the various groups of student leaders in order for them to have opportunities to apply the skills learnt.