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Character Development




Email Address

HOD for Character & Citizenship Education

Ms Rae Wong


Values in Action Coordinator

Mdm Lee Hui Jun


Cyber Wellness Coordinator

Mdm Aisyah Abu Bakar


Sexuality Education Coordinator 

Mrs Gurmit Singh


CCE Coordinator

Mrs Tay Mei Leng


Discipline Mistress

Mdm Kumuda D/O Kaliyaperumal (Mrs Vijay)


Assistant Discipline Mistress

Mdm Nur Hafizah Adbdul


Partnership Teacher-In-Charge

Mrs Tiffany Ang


Partnership Teacher-In-Charge

Mdm Noormala Ahmat




TK CCE Framework

CCE Goal

To nurture a community of morally-upright students who are of good character with moral courage.

CCE Platforms Programmes

Platforms and programmes are designed and introduced to ensure that School values (TK PR2IDE) and SEL competencies are both taught and caught by the students. Students’ exemplary behaviours are then identified and recognized at different levels.

1) School Values Inculcation during Connecto Lessons

TK PR2IDE – Our 6 school values

TK PR2IDE – Our 6 school values

A school-based curriculum has been specially developed by the teachers for the students. School values are taught explicitly in class through stories, videos, role-playing, class discussion, reflections etc. Each value has a slogan, definition and 4 I WILL statements.






Staying the course despite the difficulties or obstacles faced.

Showing consideration for others’ feelings and rights.

Acting correctly and being accountable for my actions.


Never give up.

Show regard for others.

Take charge of my actions.

4 “I Wills”

I Will:

1.   Set goals.

2.   Keep on trying.

3.   Face obstacles head-on.

4.   Stay positive in difficult times.

I Will:

1.  Have good manners.

2.   Accept others’ differences.

3.   Treat others fairly.

4.    Value others.

I Will:

1.    Do what is expected of me.

2.    Give my best.

3.    Take care of myself, others and the environment.

4.    Apologise and make things right when I am wrong.






Being honest and exercising the moral courage to do what is right.

Exercising control of myself.

Being able to understand and share others’ emotions and experiences.


Stand up for what’s right.

Be in control.

Put myself in others’ shoes.


4 “I Wills”

I Will:

1.   Speak and act truthfully.

2.   Keep my promises.  

3.   Support those who are right.

4.   Do the right thing even when  no one is watching.


I Will:

1.   Think before I act.

2.   Stay on task.

3.   Balance work and play.

4.   Act appropriately according to the situation.


I will

1.   Understand others by listening attentively.

2.   See things from others’ perspectives.

3.   Reach out to others in need.

4.   Treat others as I want them to treat me.


Integrity (its definition, slogan and 4 I Will Statement)


              One of our school values, Integrity (its definition, slogan and 4 I Will Statement)

    Explicit teaching of school values in class 

                                                                         Explicit teaching of school values in class

2) 1-1 TSR (Teacher-Student Relationship) Time

At the start of each year, 2-3 days are set aside for school’s UPBEAT programme.  This allows teachers to get to know and bond with their pupils through games and interactive activities.

                              UPBEAT Programme - Photo


                                                                        UPBEAT Programme

During Weekly Connecto Time, form teachers and co-form teachers take turn to engage their students in one-to-one conversation.  The purpose is to set aside time to build TSR with their students.




                                                                                        1-1 TSR Time 

At the end of each semester, teachers organise picnic or class party for the students for a time of bonding and also building of TSR. 

3) Teaching of SEL Competencies (FTGP)

Social and emotional learning competencies are taught at different platforms, e.g. FTGP at all levels.  SEL is taught using I5s: 

Self-Awareness – I am unique
Responsible Decision Making – I think before I Act 
Relationship Management – I care and share 
Self-Management – I am in control 
Social Awareness – I am not alone

I5s poster

          I5s poster 

Other topics such as life skills are also taught in class, e.g. goal setting, time management, stress management, road safety, peer support etc.

4) Recognition Awards

The school believes in affirming positive qualities demonstrated by the students and aims to highlight the importance of these qualities, as well as the students who consistently exhibit them.  The following are the awards given to affirm the students

a) ECHA Award (National Award)

Outstanding students from Primary 5 and Primary 6 are nominated for his/ her exemplary character and excellent attitude.  These students are role models who inspire others to do likewise

b) Model Pupil of the Year (School-based)

A deserving student from Primary 6 cohort each year is nominated for his/ her exemplary behaviour and excellent attitude.

c) Star Pupil of the Term (Class-based)

A deserving student from every class is nominated each term for exemplary in most of the school values consistently. He/ She is given a star badge to be worn on the school uniform.

Star Pupil Award Presentation

                                                                              Star Pupil Award Presentation

d) School Values Award of the Class

Students from every class who exhibits exemplary behaviour of the school values are recognised and examples of such behaviour are shared to encourage the student and also their classmates to do likewise.

5) Breakfast Talk

These are the avenues for students to provide feedback and voice their concerns or feelings. 
Suggestions pertaining to school improvement will be gathered from the students during breakfast talk.

Breakfast Talk

                                                                                       Breakfast Talk

6) Caremon

A Caremon is a letter box for students to share their problems or feelings on a personal basis.  

Caremon Letter Box


                                                                           Caremon Letter Box

7) Values In Action 

The school uses learning experiences to support students’ development as socially responsible citizens by contributing meaningfully to the community via VIA (Values in Action). This also helps students to foster ownership as they contribute to the society.  There is a total of 6 domains where each level focus on.

Primary 1: Self
Primary 2: Family
Primary 3: School
Primary 4: Community
Primary 5: Nation
Primary 6: Global

The school’s service learning program comprises of 3 key components:  
School-wide programmes 
Level programmes 
Staff VIA

VIA School-wide programmes include:  
Chinese New Year Hamper Making for elderly
Chinese New Year Donations for the charitable organizations
Children Day’s Appeal Donations 

VIA Level Programme:  
Primary 1: I-CARE – Care for Oneself and Class / Encouragement Note for P6s 
Primary 2: I-CARE for my Family – Photo Frame for Family
Primary 3: We-CARE for School – School Restroom Cleanliness Ambassadors   
Primary 4: We-CARE for the Community – Project C.A.R.E.S – Visit to Elderly Home
Student VIA

    Student VIA

•      Primary 5: We-CARE for Singapore – Student-Initiated VIA Project

      Primary 6: We-CARE for the World – Student-Initiated VIA Project 

Staff VIA: 



                                                             Staff VIA