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School Management Committee

Caroline Wu (Mrs) Principal
Tan Wai Ling (Mrs) Vice-Principal
Vijaya Ganesh (Mrs)Vice-Principal Administration
Andrew Koh (Mr)School Staff Developer
Anissa Ferdaus (Mdm) Head of Department, English Language
Yeo Li Ling (Mrs)
Head of Department, Mathematics
Eliza Ee (Mrs) Head of Department, Science
Sundram Letchemee (Mr) Head of Department, ICT 
Serene Ng (Miss)  Head of Department, Physical Education
Rae Wong (Ms)Head of Department, Character & Citizenship Education
Low Kok Guan (Mr) Head of Department, Student Management / Year Head, Middle Primary (P3 & P4)
Mohamed Ashiq (Mr)
Year Head, Upper Primary (P5&6)
Amy Lam Hui Hui (Miss) Year Head, Lower Primary (P1&2) 
Charisma Menaachi Ahino (Miss) Level Head, English Language (Lower Primary) 
Jimmy Tan (Mr) Level Head, Mathematics 
Low Mei Yan (Miss)Level Head, Science
Ho Siew Min (Mdm)Subject Head, Chinese Language
Arlinah Arsad (Mdm) Subject Head, Malay Language 
Shirley Goh (Mrs) Subject Head, Social Studies
Jasmine Eng Huiling (Miss) Subject Head, Aesthetics (INT)
Hoon Thing Ming (Mr)Subject Head, ICT
Mohamed Faizal S/O Abdul Salam (Mr)Subject Head, PE / CCA
Ong Kong Seong (Mr) 
Administration Manager
Koh Phee Tat (Mr)
Operations Manager
Roslan Bin Mohamed Pawi (Mr)Operations Manager