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Parent Support Group

In Tanjong Katong Primary School, we believe in working closely with our parents for the benefit of our pupils. TKP and PSG form a strong partnership as both teachers and parents are key contributors to our students’ holistic development. The PSG complements the school by aligning with the school’s objectives, supporting and strengthening the school’s programmes to improve our students’ well-being and learning. The PSG can brainstorm and contribute constructive feedback and ideas to improve the school, PSG and home. 

Purpose of TKP PSG 

TKP PSG collaborates with the school to create:

(a) a nurturing and educational environment to cultivate the students in all 6 domains of learning – Cognitive, Leadership, Aesthetics, Moral, Physical and Social (CLAMPS) channels of communications between school, family and community
(b) a strong and sustainable Home-School partnership 

Parents who serve with passion.  
To form a dynamic partnership with the school to nurture TKP students to become citizens of the world.

We sincerely thank the parents for your strong support all these years and strive to foster a greater partnership in the years ahead.
On this note, we would like to invite parents to come onboard our Parent Support Group (PSG) and render your help in our school programmes and activities.

Do contact our PSG Executive Committee at tkpspsg@gmail.com if you have any enquiries. Join us now and you will be in our mailing list for regular updates!


Below is a list of programmes and activities where parents can join in as parent volunteers in 2020:



EL Extensive Reading Programme
(Reading programme for lower primary pupils)

All year-round
-  Monday to Friday
-  7am to 7.30am
-  Starting after CNY

CL Extensive Reading Programme
(Reading programme for lower primary pupils)

All year-round
- Tuesday to Friday
- 7am to 7.30am
- More PVs needed
- Able to read Chinese.

Traffic Duties

All year-round
Reporting: 7am to 730am
Dismissal: 115pm to 2pm

Monthly Environmental Education Programme

- 930am to 11am
(4 PVs per recess, 2 stations with 2 PVs each)

1) Feb (2 days)
- Recycling

2) 25 & 26 Mar (2 days)
- Save Water (In commemoration of World Water Day - 22 Mar)

3) 8 & 9 Jul
- Dengue Awareness

Earth Week Activity 

1) Earth Week
April (20-22 Apr: 3 days)
(In commemoration of Earth Day - 22 April)

- 930am to 11am
(9 PVs per recess, 3 stations with 3 PVs each)

Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Programme 

1) P5: Sharing by Alumni
- Topic: Different Educational Pathways & Good Habits in learning (T3W9)

2) P6: Sharing by professionals
- Topic: Aspirations (T4W8: Post PSLE) 

Math Activity P2 Supermarket

Term 3 Week 5
- Monday to Friday
- 2 classes spreading across the week

UPBEAT Programme

First 3 days of school days in 2021

Kindness Movement Week/ Sharity 

Term 2 (TBC) 
Term 4 (TBC)

- 930am to 11am

Cyberwellness Week

Term 1 Week 10
Term 3 Week 9

- 930am to 11am