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Parent Support Group

In Tanjong Katong Primary School, we believe in working closely with our parents for the benefit of our pupils. Research has shown that strong parental collaboration and support of school programmes will enhance the learning and growth of the pupils and strengthen ties between school and home.
We sincerely thank the parents for your support all these years and strive to foster a greater partnership in the years ahead.
On this note, we would like to invite parents to come onboard our Parent Support Group (PSG) and render your help in our school programmes and activities.

TKP 2019

Below is a list of programmes and activities where parents can volunteer your services:

 EL Extensive Reading Programme
 (Reading programme for lower primary pupils)
 All year-round
Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri,
-  12 nn to 12.30 pm
-  Starting after CNY 
 Learning Support for Mathematics
 (Mathematics buddy programme for lower primary  pupils)
 All year-round
- Tues: 12nn to 12.30pm 
Thurs: 12nn to 12.30pm  
- Starting after CNY

CL Extensive Reading Programme
(Reading programme for lower primary pupils)

All year-round
- Wed
- 12.45pm  to 1.30pm
More PVs needed.
Able to read Chinese.

 Lower Primary Assembly on Wednesday

Wed (3 selected)
12nn to 2pm
At least 3 PVs
(1 PV to address the pupils on stage, 2 PVs to attend to the P1-P2 pupils)
Staff Lunch for:
CNY – 13 Feb
Deepavali – 6 Nov

Traffic Duties

AM : 7am to 7.30am (3 PVs)

PM : 1.30pm to 2pm, except 

Monthly Environmental Education Programme at Science Junction 

1) Recess:

  •  10am - 11am
  •  03pm - 04pm

2) Feb (3 days)
  • Recycling

3) 11 Mar - 13 Mar (3 days)
  • Save Water (In commemoration of World Water Day - 22 Mar)

4) 02 Jul - 04 Jul (3 days)
  • Dengue

Environment Booth on IFD Celebrations1) 12 Apr 
(6 PVs on rotational basis for whole day)
Earth Week Activity Earth Week
April (3 days)
(In commemoration of Earth Day - 22 April)

9 PVs per recess
(2 recess - am & pm)
(3 station x 3 PVs)

TKP Heritage iTrail  P4 Classes in  
 *approximately 3 PVs per class
 26/2 – 3 classes
 28/2 – 2 classes
 01/3 – 2 classes 
Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Programme 

P1-2: Sharing on Different Occupations (KIV)


P5: Sharing by Alumni

*Different Educational Pathways & Good Habits in learning


P6: Sharing by professionals


(T4W8) Post PSLE 
 TKP Open House  4 June, Tuesday 
P1 Orientation 15 November, Friday 

First 2 days of school

2 and 3 Jan 2020 
Kindness Movement Week Term 2 (TBC) 

Special Celebrations and Commemorative Events

Chinese New Year4 Feb, Monday
Total Defence15 February, Friday
International Friendship Day 12 April, Friday 
Racial Harmony Day 19 July, Friday 
National Day 08 August,  Thursday 
Teachers' Day 05 September,  Thursday 
Children's Day / Lower Primary Games Day 03 October, Thursday 
Deepavali05 November, Tuesday 

If you are keen to join the PSG, please email to tkpspsg@gmail.com

We look forward to you coming aboard and joining the TKP family.

Thank you.