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Parent Support Group

In Tanjong Katong Primary School, we believe in working closely with our parents for the benefit of our pupils. Research has shown that strong parental collaboration and support of school programmes will enhance the learning and growth of the pupils and strengthen ties between school and home.
We sincerely thank the parents for your support all these years and strive to foster a greater partnership in the years ahead.
On this note, we would like to invite parents to come onboard our Parent Support Group (PSG) and render your help in our school programmes and activities.
Below is a list of programmes and activities where parents can volunteer your services:

 EL Extensive Reading Programme
 (Reading programme for lower primary pupils)
 (Tues, Thurs and Fri, 12.30pm to 1pm)
 Learning Support for Mathematics
 (Mathematics buddy programme for lower primary  pupils)
 (Mon, Tues & Thurs, 12.15pm to 1pm)
 Science Junction
 (Overseeing Science booth activities)
 (twice a week during morning recess, 10am to 11am) 
 ICT Lab Lesson
 (Guiding P1 & P2 pupils during ICT lessons)
 Term 2 to Term 4
 Art Outreach
 (Art appreciation programme for P2 & P5 pupils)
 Term 2 to Term 4
 (once a month)
 School Events:
 1)  Total Defence Day and Chinese New Year

 2)  International Friendship Day

 3)  Racial Harmony Day

 4)  Teacher’s Day

 5)  Children’s Day
 5 Feb 2016

 8 Apr 2016

 22 Jul 2016

 1 Sep 2016

 6 Oct 2016

If you are keen to join the PSG, please email to

We look forward to you coming aboard and joining the TKP family.

Thank you.