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Lifelong Learning Programme

Team Sports Excellence



A team player for sports and for life.


Equipping our students with competencies of team work and love for sports so as to thrive in the globalized world.


Lifelong Learning Program in schools was started in 2015. The aim of this initiative is to encourage the schools to promote their areas of strength through pervasive programmes. In Tanjong Katong Primary, we believe in the importance of values inculcation through Sports. In particular, through involvement in Team Sports, the following objectives are achieved.
  1. Passion for life – long participation in physical activity;
  2. Joyful sense of camaraderie in teams/groups; and
  3. Spirit of positivity through perseverance and resilience in overcoming challenges.

These outcomes are aligned to our school’s vision of developing Passionate Learners, Caring Leaders and Global Citizens. By tapping on the school’s success in Football, Netball, Hockey and Floorball, opportunities are created for the students to
  • Participate in intra-class, interclass and inter-level team sports;
  • Increase their understanding of Sports through exposure and learning of various Sports popular in Singapore;
  • Appreciate the Olympics Values of Friendship, Respect and Excellence through active participation in sports.
We hope that students will be empowered by their participation in Team Sports and grow to become passion leaders, caring leaders and global citizens of the community.

The desired outcomes are achieved by these 2 ways.

Sports Pursuit:

The other aim of our LLP seeks talent-identify and develop students who are interested and are high-achievers in sports. We do so through structured sports Talent-Identification during PE lessons, our competitive Team Sports CCAs and also through MOE JSA platforms. We hope that these students can be guided and directed in their areas of strengths in primary school and beyond.

Active Lifestyle:

One aim of our LLP seeks to educate and encourage masses to participate in active lifestyle through Sports. Together with PE lessons and the various opportunities of recreational team sports, TKP House System competition and lessons through Games Education Packages, we hope students will have the knowledge, skills and passion to enjoy sports and be a team player in both sports and other aspects of life.

Key Programmes / Activities / Events

Building camaraderie through play. Go Pegasus Go!
Unicorns girls getting psyched up before the Netball match!
A mascot speaks a thousand words. Griffins Go!!
Getting excited for the finals between Titans and Pegasus!