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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Developing Resilient InnoVative Entrepreneurs



Resilient innovators


To nurture entrepreneurship, critical and creative thinking in students

Department Approach

The school embarks on its ALP, D.R.I.VE.- Developing Resilient, Innovative Entrepreneurs in 2021. Through the school wide programme from Primary 1 to 6, students are provided with opportunities to develop the necessary skills and interest in the well-rounded curriculum. Design Thinking (DT) is used in our ALP to foster the value of empathy and our students learn to design creative solutions to resolve real life problems. Through the DT process, our students develop and apply the values and life skills learnt in authentic contexts.

The students will be developed through a 3-tiered structure – Explore, Experience and Expertize.


Tier 1: Explore
All students will be equipped with the 5 stages of DT knowledge and certain skills relevant to DT are emphasized in different levels during P1 to P6 VIA and Project Work. Through the progressive approach, students are given opportunities to apply their DT knowledge and skills in problem based activities and acquire dispositions that encourage the development of 21CC.

Tier 1 Explore Table.png
P3 VIA.JPGP3 students take part in a project to
raise awareness of restroom hygiene
and cultivate social graciousness
P4 VIA.jpgP4 students come up with interesting
activities to engage the elderly at the
Old Folks’ Home

P5 VIA Making Prototype.JPG identity community and propose ideas.jpg
P5 students identify current problems in our community and propose ideas to manage/resolve them

P6 VIA Video Making.JPG P6 VIA Making Prototype IMG-20201015-WA0030.jpg
P6 Students create innovative products, design posters and videos for advertisement, as part of fund raising for Children Cancer Foundation

Tier 2: Experience
All students will deepen understanding of Design Thinking (DT) knowledge and skills as well as strengthen dispositions through IP and Non-IP level programmes. They are given opportunities to apply them in authentic contexts.  DT is incorporated in teaching and learning through the level programmes. 

Table for Tier 2 Programmes.JPG
P3-5 Science Innovation

P4 Sci Innovation Testing.JPG P5 Innovation Testing.JPG P3 Sci Innovation Testing.JPG

P4 Math Games

P4 Math Games.JPG P4 Math Games Presentation.JPG P4 Math Games-3.jpg

P6 EL/ICT Project

P6 EL_ICT Project-1.jpg P6 EL ICT Project Editing 20190219_091408.jpg

Tier 3: Expertize
Selected students who held leadership appointments (e.g., Student Leaders, NE Ambassadors and Green Monitors) will apply DT knowledge and skills in real life through partnership with external organisations.

Key Event

Innovation Fair

At the end of each year, an Innovation Fair is organised to showcase the innovative work and projects created by the students. This includes prototypes developed during P3 to P5 Science Innovation Programme, useful products which incorporated Math Coding, creative slogans and posters designed during MT Fortnight, music and art pieces produced during Digital Music and Digital Art respectively and selected PW/VIA projects that would be adopted by the school to solve real life problems. All students can learn from the displayed work and projects as well as be inspired by the creativity and brilliant ideas generated by their peers across the different disciplines. They can join in the fun and participate in the games created by students during Math Games and Grammar Games too.

Showcasing P6 VIA innovative products and advertisements online.

P6 VIA Online Site.JPG
P6 VIA Products.JPG

P6 VIA Advertisements.JPG