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Our P1 Curriculum & Programmes



Our Core Curriculum


Our English Programme

With the vision to develop competent and critical readers as well as confident and expressive speakers and writers of English, our English programme seeks to provide a stimulating learning environment that promotes the learning of the language to achieve academic excellence, creativity and life-long learning. An exciting learning journey awaits your child. We strongly believe in the experiential approach to learning through hands-on activities and field trips. We welcome parents to join us in these activities as it is a great way to bond with your child, his peers and teachers. Some of these activities include sandwich-making and a field-trip to the Singapore Zoo.


Our Mother Tongue Programme

Bilingualism is the cornerstone of Singapore Education System. Our Mother Tongue (MT) Programmes (CL, ML and TL) aim to ignite pupils’ passion of learning in order to attain excellence in the mastery of the MT language and appreciation of the MT culture. At lower primary, the focus of MT teaching is acquiring speaking and listening skills. In line with PERI, the Primary 1 pupils will learn MT through fun, meaningful activities that cater to their needs and abilities. Alternative assessment modes such as show and tell, writing portfolio will be used to gauge the overall performance of the pupils instead of the traditional pen and paper.


Pupils who have a good foundation in MT and have demonstrated a keen interest in the language will be invited to offerHigherMTat the higher level. Their potential will also be stretched through programmes such as the MT Scholar Class and Overseas Immersion Trips which are available from Primary 3 onwards.


Our Mathematics Programme

We aim to develop pupils who have the capacity to think critically and apply problem-solving skills in real life.  To achieve our goal, we provide an all-rounded Mathematics education to cater to our pupils’ different needs. Our teaching embraces a wide variety of strategies such as activity-based learning and authentic performance tasks.  Mathematical concepts and skills are developed progressively from concrete and pictorial levels to the abstract level. To create in pupils an enduring interest and faith in mathematics and to develop a love for mathematics, we also conduct activities like the Math Investigation Week, level competition and Math-infused learning journeys.




Our Assessment


To better support the holistic development of pupils, the school will place less emphasis on single-point assessment such as semestral examinations in lower primary to ensure the smooth transition to primary school education.  Since 2012, the school has been using bite-sized forms of assessment. This will help to build the pupils’ confidence and desire to learn.


With the introduction of the holistic assessment, parents will also be given more comprehensive feedback about their child’s progress and learning throughout the year. More details will be shared during the P1 Curriculum Briefing which will be held in early 2013.




Our Enrichment Programmes


Speech and Drama (English)

We offer Speech and Drama lessons within the curriculum. Two English periods per week during Term 1, 2 and 3 will be set aside. Pupils pick up skills such as voice projection, performance techniques, good speech patterns and importantly, confidence.


Speech and Drama (Mother Tongue)

Speech and Drama lessons will also be offered for Mother Tongue (Chinese, Malay and Tamil Languages) within the curriculum. Two MT periods per week for the first two terms are set aside for the programme. The MT Speech and Drama Programme will complement the MT instructional programme to develop confident and effective communicators. It will engage the pupils in learning MT through fun-filled and interactive activities.


IT Training

Two periods are set aside each week for a term to teach touch typing, MS Word and Paint Tools. Other Mathematics, English and Science lessons and course packages have been specially designed to enhance and support learning from home are also available upon subscription to the AsknLearn portal.


Cost for the above programmes:  School subsidy + Student’s Edusave (for Singaporeans) / Cash (for PR)


Guided Reading Programme (English)

To encourage all our pupils to be readers, we start them off on this reading programme. Pupils take home a new book each week to share their reading experience with their parents. This programme provides an excellent platform for bonding between parent and child as pupils at the same time expand their vocabulary and build comprehension and cloze skills.


Cost: Student’s Edusave (for Singaporean)/ Cash (for PR)




Our Support Programmes


Learning Support Programme

Pupils in need of extra learning support will be enrolled in this programme. Special lessons are conducted to suit the child’s learning needs. Lessons are conducted in small groups during curriculum time in a conducive environment.


Talk by School Counsellors

To support the social and emotional learning of the pupils, school counsellors will give a talk to the individual classes on how to get ready for school. It is also an opportunity for the counsellors to build rapport with the pupils.