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Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2014


Students from TKP Performing Arts CCAs (Choir, Chinese Dance, Malay Dance, Modern Dance and String Ensemble) participated in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation 2014 in April. SYF not only promotes cultural awareness and students’ appreciation of the arts through aesthetics education, but also serves as a platform for them to showcase their talents and benchmark their performances against other schools. 

Students passionate in music and dance who joined the various performing arts CCAs, started practicing their items from as early as July 2013. Intense practices were powered by a common goal– to put up their best performances at the SYF. Along the way, students learnt important school values such as excellence, compassion and perseverance. 

“Even though singing some parts of a song may be difficult, we should always give it our best and never give up even if we make mistakes.” – Ian Lak (P5 Benevolence, Choir) 

“Practice makes perfect. Winning SYF is not as important as the experience we have gotten!” – Jolie Leong (P6 Empathy, String Ensemble) 

“Sometimes you will see someone whose moves are wrong. You have to tolerate them and tell them the right thing. If they still do not understand, do not burst out at them. Encourage them so that they have confidence in themselves and will strive to improve.” – Emily Fan (P6 Diligence, Chinese Dance) 

Students treasured not only the opportunity to perform but also the special bonds they have built within the group. 

“I like modern dance because I get to spend time and bond with my fellow dancers.” – Tasha (P6 Diligence, Modern Dance) 

With all the hard work and effort put in, we are proud to announce the results of the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2014 for the Performing Arts Groups of TKP: 

Chinese Dance - Certificate of Distinction 
Malay Dance - Certificate of Distinction 
Choir - Certificate of Accomplishment 
Modern Dance - Certificate of Accomplishment 
String Ensemble - Certificate of Commendation 

Our students have done us proud and will continue to perform and shine! 

Chinese dancers presented “孔雀飞来” 

Malay dancers presented “Telatah Mami Jarum Junior” 

Modern dancers presented “Electrolyte” 

Choir presented “Die Meere 2. Furusato 3. Laugh Kookaburra“ 

String Ensemble presented “March Momentous 2. March from the Nutcracker Suite”