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Aesthetics Approach Diagram

In order to achieve the outcomes, the department has developed a 3-tiered approach: 

Aesthetics Approach - Tier 1

Assembly Programmes 

The common experiences for all provided through our assembly programme aims to widen our pupils’ exposure to the Arts in an enjoyable manner. We have had skits, story-telling sessions, performances (including brass instruments, ethnic dances, drums, hip-hop, jazz dance and cartooning) by professional artists. These professional programmes are coupled with our own in-house programmes reinforcing school values. 

Pupils enjoy these assembly sessions thoroughly and we certainly hope that they have learnt to appreciate the Arts better through these sessions. 

Aesthetics Approach - Tier 2

Aesthetics Approach - Activity Photo 01

Art Outreach 

Art Discussion forms an integral part in the newly-implemented Art Syllabus for Primary and Secondary Schools. With the inclusion of this new content, we aim to increase visual art awareness into the pupils’ learning by incorporating more art appreciation and outreach programmes in our existing curriculum; one of which being the Art Outreach. 

Art Outreach is not only a new art appreciation initiative; it is also a community development project. It provides a systematic, in-curriculum art education for the community and children at large. 

In Tanjong Katong Primary School, we subscribe to the belief that our pupils will benefit significantly when they are exposed to a range of art works by different artists and genres – this being a necessary tool to develop them as perceptive beings. Art Outreach therefore helps us to achieve this. The dedicated and trained parent volunteers from Art Outreach provide monthly art appreciation lessons to all of our primary two and primary five pupils. The content of each lesson is based on a portfolio of artwork

Ethnic Art 

Ethnic Art in Tanjong Katong Primary forms an integral part of learning for the pupils. In Term 2, the Primary 3 pupils learn about the Chinese culture while the Primary 4 pupils learn about the Malay and Indian cultures in Term 3. Working with our partners, vendors are engaged in this programme. This year, we had the opportunity to work with Wow Education International Pte Ltd. 

Singapore has a rich arts heritage that stems from the various ethnic and racial groups that make up the population. To truly experience its diverse culture, one should learn more about the different ethnic races in Singapore. Through the structured art lessons, pupils know more about these three cultures. Some of the learning includes the costumes the people wear and the food they eat. Through art discussion by the well-versed trainers and dedicated art teachers, values are also imbued in them. The pupils learn how to respect the other races and be responsible of their own. 

With artwork ranging from Chinese brush painting, batik painting and kolam design, the pupils look forward to the Ethnic Art lessons every week. 

P3 Hip Hop 

P3 Hip Hop started in the first week of Term 2. It was the first time most pupils within the level were exposed to a specific dance form. Students were very enthusiastic in learning the various dance steps and techniques of Hip Hop dance. They love the song choice for their dance as it is something they are very familiar with.

Aesthetics Approach - Hip Hop Activity Photo

P4 Stomp 

P4 Stomp started in Week 2 of Term 2. Pupils started off with revising basic rhythms they have learnt during music lessons by clapping. Then, in groups, they were given different ordinary objects that can be found at home i.e. dustbin, pails, etc. Every group plays a different rhythm on a different object and creates a performance together as a class. 

Aesthetics Approach - P4 Stomp Photo 01

Throughout the term, pupils will learn to step by step, create their very own digital music using the computer. 

Aesthetics Approach - P4 Stomp Photo 02

Primary 2: Art Outreach 
Primary 3: Ethnic Art and Hip Hop 
Primary 4: STORM 
Primary 5: Art Outreach and Digital STORM 

Aesthetics Approach - Tier 3