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School Rules

1. Take care of yourself
2. Take care of those around you
3. Take care of your surroundings

Code of Conduct

Dress Code

  • Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is strictly prohibited.
  • Only Primary 1-2 pupils are to wear the P.E. attire daily.  All Primary 3-6 pupils must be in school uniform on school days and school events unless otherwise stated.  They can only wear P.E. attire on days where there are P.E. lessons, House Practices and CCA sessions. A sample of the school uniform and P.E. attire are shown below.  

tn.PE (Boy).JPG.mid.jpgtn.PE (Girl).JPG.mid.jpg
tn.Unifrom (Boy).JPG.mid.jpg
tn.Side view (Boy).JPG.mid.jpg
tn.Uniform (Girl).JPG.mid.jpg
tn.Side view (Girl).JPG.mid.jpg
tn.School leaders (Boy).JPG.mid.jpgtn.School leaders (Girl).JPG.mid.jpg

  • Shoes must be predominantly black and accompanied by ONLY black laces. 
  • Socks worn must be visible and not be lower than the upper linings of the shoes. 
  • T-shirts, shirts and blouses must be tucked in at all times. 


  • Boys:  hair must not cover the ears or touch the collar, with short sideburns and a short fringe. 
  • Girls:   hair must be neat and tidy with a short fringe; long fringe (over the eyebrows) should be secured with a dark green/black clip or hairband. 
  • Long hair (below collar of blouse) must be tied neatly with a dark green/black ribbon or band. 
  • Dyeing or highlighting of hair is strictly not allowed.
  • Nails must be kept short and without nail polish. 

Ornaments, Jewellery or Valuables

  • No ornaments or any form of jewellery are to be worn in school. 
  • For girls, simple stud earrings may be worn. 
  • No valuables, expensive items, toys, pets or sharp objects should be brought to school unless instructed.
  • No prohibited items should be brought to school.  Any items deemed inappropriate by the school will be confiscated.
  • All pupils are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.  


  • All pupils must attend school during school days. 
  • All pupils are to report punctually for, and attend, all lessons (including LSP, LSM, Supplementary and Remedial)
  • All pupils in the morning session must report punctually for school by 7.30a.m.
  • All pupils in the afternoon session must report punctually for school by 12.30p.m.
  • Pupils must not leave the school without permission during school hours. 
  • Pupils are to sit for all examinations and assessments unless certified medically unfit by a doctor.
  • A medical certificate or letter from parent must be produced when a pupil is absent. 
  • A pupil absent without letters or medical certificates will be considered absent without valid reason. 
  • Only medical certificates are accepted as valid reason if a pupil is absent during a test or examination. 
  • Pupils are to report punctually for, and attend, all lessons (LSP, LSM, Supplementary, Remedial included).

Use of Electonic Devices

  • Pupils are strongly discouraged from bringing electronic devices, such as mobile phones, to school. 
  • However, if pupils do bring electronic devices to school, they must adhere strictly to the rules on use of electronic devices so that there is no disruption to learning during curriculum and school-based activities. 
  • Pupils must switch off their electronic devices upon arrival at school.
  • Pupils can only use their mobile phones at the foyer (outside the General Office) to communicate with their parents or if they have obtained permission from teachers. 
  • Pupils should not be using their electronic devices to take photographs or for entertainment purposes while in the school premises. 

Co-curricular Activities

  • Participation in CCAs is compulsory for students from P4 onwards. 
  • Pupils must attend CCA sessions regularly. 
  • Non-participants/supporters for competitions or tournaments must be in their full uniform or P.E. attire.

Citizenship Education

  • Pupils who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. 
  • Pupils will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart. 
  • Pupils who are foreigners must stand at attention and observe the Flag-raising ceremony with respect.

Traffic Rules

  • Pupils must obey traffic rules at all times. 
  • Pupils must use only designated pedestrian crossings. (zebra crossings, signalized pedestrian crossings, underpass & overhead bridges) 
  • Pupils taking school buses must remain seated and wear seat belts at all times.